just picked up my favorite candy… 

just picked up my favorite candy… 

Throwback to the day we adopted the new babe. 

Throwback to the day we adopted the new babe. 

Hey! i'll be your tumblr friend! No sadness for you

Sweet! But why are you on anon then! You’re killin me smalls!

Everyone has cool Tumblr friends and I’m just sitting here reading all their funny conversations…


If the devil was a workout machine, he would be the stair climber.


Alright enough procrastinating… now I’m off to the gym.

Alright enough procrastinating… now I’m off to the gym.

So I know this is kinda personal but do you have your bellybutton pierced? I really wanna get mine done but I'm scared it will hurt to workout and stuff.

Not personal at all! I’ve never gotten mine pierced, but only because of what I saw my sister go through with hers.. But then again she didn’t clean it properly or take care of it properly and had to go to the doctor multiple times for antibiotics because it got infected. As far as what she told me it doesn’t hurt to get it or workout, it only hurts if it gets infected and if you don’t clean the jewelry properly while it’s healing or whenever you take it out/put it in. 

Also I may add, she went hotel hot tub jumping (yuck) right after she got it so I’m not too sure any of this is that helpful for your situation. 

So I would say absolutely do your thing if you really want it! Just be smart about it and keep it clean! Which I’m sure you will :) 

okay well first I would like to start off with you are gorgeous. Secondly over the past year or so ive lost a lot of weight and I'm glad I did but im still not happy with myself. I want to work out and start looking better but I have no motivation to. and I know trying to benefit myself to be healthy and look better should be enough motivation enough but its just hard and I don't know what I should do. Also what can I do to tone my stomach and thighs? Thanks!

Thank you! And I must say so are you! :) 

I totally get it, I’m often in the same boat as you with the motivation thing. Like right now I’m sitting here on tumblr delaying my trip to the gym.. lol It’s really all about pushing yourself, but also knowing and understanding that you’re human. And we aren’t always at 100% and sometimes it’s okay to just relax and know that it’s not the end of the world. You’re still kicking butt in the long run with your weight loss! (Congrats btw!) The best thing you can do is tell yourself you’re worth it, and know that you are, not just for the way you look but because it makes you feel good too!

But for stomach and thighs I can’t stress enough cardio on top of weight training. For legs I do the bike at level 18-20 for 10-15 minutes (and oh god so I feel the burn) and or the stair climber for 15 minutes, then I run HIIT for 30 min.

I also do the leg press machine with 150 for 10 reps, 3 sets andddd weighted squats. This is just part of my leg routine, but I would recommend checking out Cassey Ho’s Blogilaties for legs and stomach exercises. She’s awesome and I love following her calender. It also helps keep me on track and motivated! Here’s the link to her videos and site, she’s also on Tumblr as well!

Well I can’t delay the gym and longer but let me know if this helped at all? Sorry if it’s kind of ramble-y but I just took preworkout so my mind is going a million miles a minute. Best of luck to you on your fitness journey, I know you can do it! And let me know if you ever need a motivation buddy! :)

Help! How can I gain muscle without gaining weight???

So I have question. Recently I started to eat really clean, like no chocolate or pther excessive sweet things and this week I went on with running (i've been a runner since last year). The problem is that I gained weight since I started running. I know it's weird, but it's really happening. Beside running I always to strenght exercises and streching. Could come up with an advice or something please?

Hey! So this is actually pretty common and actually happened to me as well. What you may be experiencing is weight gain due to muscle gains! Which is exciting! As long as you’re eating clean and not seeing any fat being gained and see results (the best way to tell is take pictures periodically because we tend not to notice), you should be fine :) Keep up the good work! It sounds like you’re doing awesome!

And I do want to add, don’t worry about the number on the scale, a better way to measure progress is taping and measuring. 

my life.

my life.

So I might be doing this wrong, but what's the exercise where you lay on your back, lay your arms out to the side, tuck your knees in and roll side to side called? Or do you even know what I'm talking about lol? Like I said, I'm not even sure if I do it right. Thanks for your help!

Haha I know what you’re talking about but I’m not sure what the technical name is for them! lol I’ve always just called them floor oblique twists, but it seems everyone has different names for the move. It’s similar to a russian twist, but you’re laying flat with you’re knees up and they’re moving instead of your upper body. You can also straighten your legs out and it has the same effect, I’ve seen that one called the “straight leg russian twist”. So it sounds like you’re doing them right! 

Hope this helps! :)

What do you eat after a workout? (Besides a dab of protein powder) I was thinking of 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with maybe a fruit? Protein powder makes me nauseous

Before I workout I eat half a cup of plain greek yogurt with either strawberries, raspberries, or even a few dark chocolate chips. 

After I workout I eat 2 whole eggs sunny side up with a third just egg white and a slice of bread. I like to eat a meal after I workout because I’m always starving and I want to replenish my body. So I would suggest eating the cottage cheese and fruit before you workout for some energy, then eating a healthy full meal after so you aren’t tempted with a bunch of bad foods after your workout. 

Another question, do you use a pre-workout and if so what do you use? Or recommend

This questions been in my inbox for a while and I apologize for that, but for some reason the little messages tab doesn’t alert me that I get messages so I’m currently rooting through a bunch, but to answer your question, I use Amino1 by MusclePharm.

I love the fruit punch flavor, it’s the least chalky one to me and unlike other pre-workouts I’ve tried (like C4 brand) it doesn’t make me feel all hot and tingly like almost hot flash-like.

Hope this helps!

You should message her that, your exact feelings and then block her.

Ehh, I would but then it would validate her quest for attention. She’s the type that was always the victim and never responsible for her actions, her parents made her that way. 

I don’t care enough to tell her about how desperate I think it is that she feels the need to post things like that. I just think it’s odd and a little funny she’s still not over something that happened almost 10 years ago…